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Welcome to Lindsay Blakely's Page

Lindsay Blakely

Lindsay Blakely

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

If you know me well, you know that I have never participated in any run/race of any duration. :) So the fact that I'm undertaking this one on Sept. 21 is significant! Homeboy Industries is very dear to me. What it does here in LA is nothing short of true miracle-working--saving lives with love. It is the world's largest gang intervention and rehabilitation program. You can learn more about Homeboy's amazing work in two great books: Tattoos on the Heart and Barking to the Choir. (I laughed! I cried!) You can also help support the organization by having a fantastic meal in downtown LA at Homegirl Cafe.

And of course you can help support it by donating to my campaign--every dollar counts, no donation is too small.

Sebastian and I thank you! (He'll be joining along for the ride in his stroller.)

A big hug,



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Recent Donations

1. The JimmyS
Good luck, we'll be praying for you and your calves! Very proud of you and Sebas for making it! con mucho amor, The JimmyS.
2. Guido Piccarolo
Mom and Seba! With all my love and affection! Padrino
3. Bryan Blakely
Long may you run!
4. Nancy A.
Happy Birthday TJ and great that Sebas is riding along! Go Mama Go!!!
5. Sonia Blakely
6. Alana Price
Sending love to you and your family, Lindsay!
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