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Welcome to Matt Nisbet's Page

Matt Nisbet

Matt's Run for Homies & Homegirls

Hi, Friend, and thank you for taking a closer look at Homeboy Industries and the great work they do.

From a distance, this is my way to help homies and homegirls in the L.A. area move from a life of destruction to one of production. One heart, one mind at a time, Homeboy is replacing hate with love among the gang members of Los Angeles. Surely that is an effort worth supporting with any contribution, no matter how small or large!

Thanks, and may God bless you - Matt

P.S. Photos above are from my actual service trips to L.A. The eastern skyline was taken from the Union Rescue Mission where our team helps the homeless on Skid Row, and the small photo is of me and my friend, Mario, one of the beloved homies doing great things through Homeboy Industries.



raised of $1,650 goal

Recent Donations

1. Anonymous
Wish it was more.
2. William A. Nisbet
3. Caleb Charonnat
I hope the trip goes great!!
4. Chris Hrudka
Keep up the great work Matt! You are an inspiration for hope to so many!!
5. Grace Schonfeld
The LA service trip was very memorable for me, glad to see the outstanding work continue.
6. Anonymous
Great cause! All the best!