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VIP Community Mental Health Center


Welcome to VIP Community Mental Health Center's Team Page

Thank you for visiting my Homeboy Industries 5K Fundraising Page. This cause is very dear to our Team, and we appreciate all the support we can get! Please make a donation, every dollar counts, give what you can! Together we really can make a difference!
Thank you, your support means a lot
- VIP Community Mental Health Center



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Team Members

JGJoseph Garza
  • ACAlejandra Cortez
  • SPSara Parnass
  • MMMaribel Mejia
  • VGVeronica Gonzalez
  • CMClaudia Magana
  • CTCindy Tamayo
  • TRTriny Rios
  • EPElsa Perez
  • RRRebecca Reese
  • JMJonathan Martinez
  • DCDiana Chavez
  • LLLynn Lim
  • EOEsmeralda Olivares
  • DHDiana Hernandez
  • AGAna Gonzalez
  • CMClaudia Melo
  • PMPatricia Mejia
  • EVEnia Varela
  • ASAlba Sanchez
  • MTMalia Thorpe
  • JGJanelle Green
  • AFAllison Foster
  • VCVioleta Calderon
  • MCMaggie Cortez
  • GSGreta Soto-Moreno
  • JFJose Franco
  • MGMyra Garzona
  • VHVictor Hernandez
  • KCKody Calderaz
  • ICIris Casco
  • CPCecilia Pla
  • CSChristina Cacho Sakai

Recent Donations

MDMary Jo Dalton
Good Luck

Team Overview

Team VIP Community Mental Health Center has raised 5% of its goal
Team Fundraising Goal: $1,000.00
Money Raised:$50.00

Event overview

Homeboy 5k 2018 has raised 94% of their goal
Homeboy 5k 2018 Goal:$250,000.00
Money Raised:$235,115.63