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That's Your Pedo!

Welcome to That's Your Pedo!'s Team Page

Team That's Your Pedo is running for the second year in a row to organize and bring communities together to heal and drive social change for those who are affected by mass incarceration in honor of our brother Alfred (Freddy) Luna. Mass incarceration is a domestic human rights crisis of astounding proportions. Our goal is to honor his memory by raising awareness and be a part of the change to break the prison cycle and the shame associated with it.

With love and gratitude,

Team That's Your Pedo (our brother's famous catchphrase)

PS - Our brother was an incredibly talented artist. Our team photo (attached) was one of Freddy's beautiful artwork we are so blessed to have been left with. We dedicate this to all the homeboys and homegirls in East Los Angeles because they are all beautiful and worthy of love and affirmation.



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Team Members

Denise Silva
    JMJunely Merwin
    • CMChristian Merwin

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    PBPerry Blake
    Good Luck Denise!
    DRDonna Robinson
    Denise, With you and Team That's Your Pedo in spirit. Donna Mills
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    Team Overview

    Team That's Your Pedo! has raised 20% of its goal
    Team Fundraising Goal: $2,500.00
    Money Raised:$500.00

    Event overview

    Homeboy 5k 2018 has raised 24% of their goal
    Homeboy 5k 2018 Goal:$250,000.00
    Money Raised:$60,171.00