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Thank you for visiting our Homeboy Industries 5K Fundraising Page.

We continue to be amazed at the miraculous transformations Homeboy creates in the lives of the formerly incarcerated. From gang tattoo removal to job training, Homeboy gives those from whom society has turned loving and practical life solutions. As the Homeboy founder, Father Greg Boyle, says, "You are so much more than the worst thing you've ever done." Please make a donation, every dollar counts, give what you can! Your support means a lot to us and to those needing a second chance.
- Team Bateman



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Team Members

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Team Overview

Team Bateman has raised 50% of its goal
Team Fundraising Goal: $2,500.00
Money Raised: $1,255.00

Event overview

Homeboy 5k 2017 has raised 23% of their goal
Homeboy 5k 2017 Goal:$250,000.00
Money Raised:$58,139.93