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Patrick Murray

Patrick Murray

Grace. In these times, I have been trying to find it. Looking for good where it can be found. Seeking the love of humanity which is brought fourth by people who truly care about others, no mater who they are, where they come from or what their needs are. Of these people who can do it, I am in awe.

One of them is Fr Greg Boyle. Over thirty years ago he took the reigns of the Delores Mission Church in Boyle Heights. This is a place where you’d think God had forgotten. However, he found people in need and went to serve them. Whether they were fully loaded gang members or innocent bystanders, he serves them all and treats them with dignity.

As his mission got bigger he tried new ways to help. In 1992, after the LA Riots, he created what would become Homeboy Industries. Initially it was to give members of gangs a job where they could not only earn a paycheck but self-worth and dignity.

Over the years he’s learned it takes more than giving a Homie a job to solve the problems of violence in communities. It takes dealing with layers of pain so deep that when it can’t be buried within, it’s transmitted out to the world. It’s difficult work. There are many failures, but he and the folks around him believe it is worth it.

I realize I can’t do what he does, but I can help. Next Saturday, I along with Dommy N-p, and Kico, my father in law, we’ll be running in the Homeboy 5K. Those who know me may be surprised that though I can bike 50 miles easily, even without the electric wheel, I can’t run down the block. But I need to do this and would like your support. Follow the link below and donate to our Sunny Bungalow team. Help Fr. Boyle do what needs to be done to make this world a better place.

Thank you.



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