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Welcome to Jeffrey Phillips' Page

Jeffrey Phillips


Father Greg Boyle taught me English Compositon in High School and I later volunteered at Fr. G's parish church - Dolores Mission, while in Law School. That was before Homeboy Industries and I am amazed by the many lives that Homeboy Industries has changed..

Homeboy Industries is very dear to me and has saved many lifes from gang membership, poverty, and despair.

I appreciate a donation of any size, every dollar counts, no donation is too small! Together, we can make a difference!

Thank you so much. Hope to see you soon.

Jeff Phillips



raised of $250 goal

Recent Donations

1. Dana L
Great cause, Jeff!
2. Maileen Phillips
Wonderful people at Homrboys! Good luck with your event!
3. Raul Ramirez
4. Helle Bill, Denmark
Go, Jeffrey, go...
5. Teresa Partington
6. Jeffrey Phillips
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Team Loyola High Class of '81