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Welcome to Friends of Graceville Centering Prayer Group's Team Page

Friends Of Graceville Centering Prayer Group

Friends of Graceville Centering Prayer Group

Thank you for visiting our fundraising page, please help us reach our goal!

Homeboy Industries may have different means, but their goals are remarkably similar to those of our little Centering Prayer group. This large and very successful organization (community) grew out of Fr. Greg's "radical" approach: treating gang members as human beings. It has become a wellspring of hope for many.

Several of the men at Graceville will be participating by running. I told them I'd see if I could stir up some interest among our friends to participate by donating, running, or praying in union with us and all the others who seek transformation of our wounded humanity, starting with the alas-still-radical act of treating ourselves and others as human beings.

Together, we can make a difference!

Thank you!

Peace, Chandra and the Friends of the Graceville Centering Prayer Group


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